Company Summary

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Company Summary

Business NameAizu Electric Power Company
Main Officeidojiri 48-1, Saikachi, Sekishibamachi, Kitakata-city, Fukushima, 966-0014, Japan

Phone +81-241-23-2500
Fax +81-241-23-2555
E-mailaipower*  *→@
Established1 August 2013
Capital StockCapital Stock 48,250,000 yen
Capital reserve 48,250,000 yen
Total 96,500,000 yen (Last Updated: March 2019)
Employee PositionsCEO
Executive Director
Special Advisor
Hideyo Isobe
Jun Yamada
Tetsuya Orikasa
Norie Igarashi
Yauemon Sato
Business Description・Converting natural forms of energy into usable forms through electric power.
・Natural energy consulting.
・Leasing and rental of energy and power related equipment.
・Energy conservation consulting.
・Investigation, research, and development in the natural energy industry.
・Advertising, promotion, and marketing of natural energy and energy related businesses.
・Other business opportunities related to ones listed above.

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Establishing regional independence with the energy revolution


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Our Charter

Ever since the disaster that came along with the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami, the residents of Fukushima have been forced to face the dangers and stress that come along with the high doses of radiation.

The business contract between Tokyo Electric Power Company and the prefecture of Fukushima became bankrupt and therefore null. Although the earthquake and tsunami were the causes of the nuclear reactor leak, the leak and the damage it created for the region is inexcusable.

Although over the course of 30 years Fukushima has received 300 billion Japanese yen in primary grants, this amount no longer holds any meaning.

To the 160,000 people of Fukushima that were displaced from their homes, “coexisting” with nuclear power plants is out of the question. Countries that have conducted business with TEPCO and nuclear energy generation spend extreme amounts of money to ensure the safety and compensation of the local land and should take responsibility if and when a nuclear reactor leaks and/or causes a widespread disaster.
Nuclear Power in Fukushima is not just an ideology.

The Fukushima Prefectural Assembly has come to the conclusion that “the creation of a nuclear energy-free community that obtains energy through safe and sustainable means will lead to a new and improved Fukushima”. With this vision in mind, Japan will strive to grow as a country by educating its people about other energy options through study sessions, lectures, and symposiums that will repeatedly cover the topic from different angles.
To eliminate the burden that the nuclear reactor leak will have on future generations, we want to create a Fukushima that will depend solely on renewable energy that will be both safe and sustainable for the long term. We have experienced the horrors from the leak and have decided to establish Aizu Electric Power Company to take responsibility to avoid the risk of overlooking any future disasters.

Because the Aizu region has a naturally abundant water supply, switching our energy dependence from nuclear energy to micro-hydro power is a feasible task. If put into use, Lake Inawashiro and Tadami-Agagawa water systems together have an estimated generating capacity of about 5 million kW (the area currently generates 3 million kW out of the total necessary 4.5 million kW), allowing the region to meet its energy demands.
Aizu Electric Power Inc will transform Fukushima into an energy self-sufficient region through these methods of power production.
Other methods of power production include solar power energy, woody-biomass power production, hydropower from higher altitude mountainous regions, micro-hydro power from irrigation water from farmlands, geothermal heat and wind power energy. Using a variety of these sustainable and environmentally friendly energy producing methods and distributing them over a widespread area will contribute to the supply of energy throughout the entire country of Japan.

The people of the region throughout Aizu’s history have a special connection to the surrounding natural forces and view nature as a protective force that has guarded its people for thousands of years.
Even in Japan, Aizu is regarded as a region abundant in naturally occurring resources including water, forests, and geothermal sources.
If the previously held water rights of power generation are returned to Aizu, the region will be over 100% self sufficient in rates of food and energy.
Although the energy self-sufficiency objective in Aizu is attainable, our broader goal is to sell the remaining energy to other areas lacking in power supply.

We would like to ask for your understanding and support in bringing the natural energy generating resources, economic power, cultural power, and technical capabilities of Aizu to meet your region’s energy demands.

Our Ideals

As being part of the Japanese heritage in the 21st century, the importance of educating future generations, the dynamic nature of politics, the economy and society all have a habit of innovation to the region.
Being historically independent from a materialistic lifestyle, the Japanese culture would like to expand its values through the works of Aizu Electric Power Company to a greater global scale to promote peace and cooperation.

Our Vision

Ever since March 11th, 2011 when the Tokyo Nuclear Power Plant No. 1 leaked, the Fukushima prefecture has been associated with negative connotations and showered with dangerous radioactive materials. The long term effects associated with the now low levels of radiation continue to remain to this day, hurting the economy and morale of its people. Therefore, to bring back support and tourism to Fukushima, Aizu Electric Power aims to make renewable energy the main source of energy in Fukushima within the next 10 years.